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We are a group of textile companies with the mission of providing products with the best quality / price ratio, offering a timely service, reliable and suited to the needs of our clients, and always committed with the environment care.


Corporativo Rayonera is a group of firms specialized in the manufacturing and marketing of textile products.

The business reputation that our group has built since the very beginning is based on the highest ethical and commercial honesty standards, and is regarded as a valuable asset. On a daily basis, we set forth this principle acting with integrity and loyalty to our customers, suppliers, and employees.

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In a highly price competitive market, the added value of our companies lie in the possibility of offering high quality products in a timely and reliable way. In this sense, we are characterized for providing a personalized, efficient and committed relationship to our clients.
The 50 years of history behind us are a living proof of a constant renovation process in our infrastructure and continuous care for diversifying our products. Since we are a company with both national and international presence, we understand that these improvements are essential to grow and supply the global market.
Furthermore, aligned with the modernization of the productive equipment, there has been a parallel and no less important effort to reduce the environmental impact, improving our wastewater treatment facility and burning the least pollutant natural gas.